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Frequently Asked Questions Explore the questions and answers below to learn more about this site and how it works.

The website is a simple database of external resources. For each resource it is placed in a category and has a number of tags associated with it. The category defines what the resource is, the tags help to explain its area of relevance. Click the link icon to visit the 3rd party website and see the resource. Clicking on category icons or tags will filter by that category / tag.

Categories of resources.

Resources are split into categories. Each resource is put into one category only, so if more than one applies, the main category is chosen. Anywhere you see a category icon you can click to show all resources in that category.



The website acts as a simple way of helping you to find resources which help you be the best Christian possible - we are called to be salt in the world - different to and adding to society, but to do that as a Christian is challenging, hopefully the resources help.

For now, they are simply listed on the resources page.

Yes, clicking on the category icon at the top of any resource will filter by that resource, e.g. showing you all music resources. Similarly, clicking on a tag below the resource will filter by that tag. You can also find a quick start for all categories in the category menu, or simply use the links on this page to filter.

We are about to add the form which will allow you to submit a resource, we then check it and put it live.

Name:The name of the resource you wish to add